Selling most of my Arashi Collection T_T

Hello :) Finally managed to unlock this account! I am looking to offload a big bulk of my arashi goods to someone who will love them better, I have thousands of photos, and magazines and posters, flyers, cutouts, you name it I think i miiiight have it. Looking for Singaporeans especially as I would like to sell these in bulk, have stuff from 1996 till 2013. Am still an arashi fan of course, not gonna give them up anytime soon, but I have no space as I am looking to buy my own place in the coming year. Am very sad to be letting the stuff go actually but it has to be done. Not letting go the 1.4x1m posters, signed boards and some of 1996-2000 stuff i think? Have not posted here in so so long and as usual, I've been to scene, beautiful world, popcorn and love tour (a couple of years in a couple of words eh?)  2014 Yoroshiku Onegaishimas

Arashi no Jidai Thanksgiving Charity Sale!

Hello :)

As I was overseas, I wasn't able to do very much to help the arashi fans campaign for earthquake funds! Since its thanksgiving, I figured its my turn to do something too :) Apart from the shipping fees, the proceeds from this sale will go to doctors without borders!! Thank you for your support :) :) Some of the items i have multiple extras, I do have multiple extras of Con Tees as well so do ask if you have any queries/or would just like to donate :D All items are new!

Item: 5x10 All The Best Poster
Price: 48 usd
Description: Official Poster

Item:AnAn Sho Sakurai
Price: 40 usd
Description: Magazine

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Super Junior Galaxy S Showcase Fan Report!

Hello Everyone :) I've been extremely quiet (I know :P). I managed to go to a Super Junior Showcase a couple of days ago and I have a few pictures :D :D I know there are SuJu fans around on my f-list :D  I am definitely not an expert on SuJu and struggled to learn their names and faces in time for this showcase. The showcase was in the evening but we started queuing at noon or so (7hours) but i think there were like 700fans ahead of us. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable day and I could take my mind off many things just for abit. :)

*Some of my pictures are quite blurry :P Oops. The lighting was poor and I did my best despite being shoved and blocked :P Sorry! Argh stupid LED behind made everything look like I was looking at angels or some aliens with the UFO shining behind. "Close encounters with the third kind" lightning made them look extremely pale.

Are you Ready? I have really bad captions :D :D 


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Mario Kart Wii Poster, Muhi Posters, Myojo June Poster

Hello :D For once I am not backlogging here!! but Im backlogging with arashi_no_jidai,comments and emails. >.< Dang I really need to start scanning!

Aibachan will be doing two versions of the cm for the spring-summer campaign of Muhi insect killerrrrrrr!
Please check the below link for cms that will be released really soon. 

Side note: These posters are hot!!! but the concept of the word feels just like Jun's Pepsi Nex series.

I don't really care what he is selling, Im digging the posters! MUST GET! 

Kaibutsu Kun and Shiyagare Poster!

Hello! I've been a little busy recently! Do come along to arashi_no_jidai comm to download old and new stuff!:D I'm currently upping Arashi no Waza Ari!- end promo- I will and shall patiently wait for these to arrive!

Packed 1/2 my stash!! I am such a hoarder! Yikes. At least I am neat okay!
The queen of the house says:
"When you are 75 years old and living alone in a tiny apartment, you will die a miserable, lonely death. A week later when your body starts to rot and smell, and your neighbour calls the police because of the foul smell. The police will find you dead under a mountain of Arashi stuff, skincare and cosmetics."

Baby Guppies!! Mother Guppy popped last night! Guppies VS 1yen! they are so tiny and translucent!


Sheesh my Gmail and Computer might bail on me soon. Uploading and Downloading at the same time! Arawaza epi4-5-6 will be up soon @ Arashi_no_Jidai! Okay hopefully this copipe thing works. We are not waging a campaign to bring this girl down, we just want to protect our fellow mod,Sino @ Arashi_no_Jidai thats all.

Please read the comments here too :

BUNNY SAYS : Well I pretty know that many of my friends&neighbors here have this other fangirl in Vox called arashinino although i never had and will never have her in my neighborhood i want to give you some dates.

She's not japanese, she doesn't know now she get to upload the scans so fast? Answer is.... STEALING. She's been stealing my friends' scans since long ago. My friends who are really nice girls, keep sharing because they don't want people to suffer because of her bad behaviour, but they're hurt when they see their scans and then credit: Arashinino.

This girl just want popularity, okay shall i give you some? I just announced this post in my livejournal community which is almost 800 people, is that enough? What's with the LEAVE COMMENTS to the Scans...

I know that some of you are "scared" to say anything to her and just nice to her because she would kick you out of her Vox and then you would be helpless? no more arashi info? no more stolen scans? no more vids?. Please lemme tell you ladies where you can have good info::  yamakaze  she's the fastest i've ever seen and as you can see, arashinino many times copies info from her.

Videos? Okay, go search in youtube, go watch KH, go to arashi_on community, or dunno (really im not going to promote my comm in this post), also you have ichigo_umai who records in LQ (but arashinino also shares LQ), she's working hard to give you some happiness so better go to her vox or you can find her in arashi_on or her LJ. But please...don't go and respect arashinino rules...

Scans? Definitely you're breaking the rules reposting those scans when my friends' scans are not meant to be shared (you can do graphics and such though), but really my friends' scans are accessible, and i've never see her saying "Or you comment or i'll be angry and stop breathing for 1 minute"

So, if you wanna keep being in her Vox but really don't like her (because you have pretty nice common sense), i thought of...keep doing as always there, then go repost her files everywhere w/ another username. Naughty? Yeah Bitchy? Of course, but ladies, if she's not playing fair...why we have to play fair with her?

That's all for now i think.

For those that are afraid to leave a comment here because she can come to read (oh yes if you want you can send this post to her i dont mind really ^^) and then kick you out, you can always pm me.

I'm sorry but friendship and loyalty are really important to me. That's why if I see my friends being hurt i declare the war. (and yes she took my files in the past as well and i didnt say a thing)  - END BUNNY